Aims and Scope

This journal serves as a platform for disseminating knowledge about multidisciplinary educational issues from a global viewpoint. We are seeking submissions which share research findings, studies and insights related to education systems, policies and practices, and changes and challenges to educational purpose and meaning. Our principal objective is to encourage scholarly dialogue and to encourage and nurture the work of early career researchers. We seek to explore a wide range of education-related content and encourage submissions which show interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaborations. We strive to build a bridge between theory and practice in education, which not only reflects researcher interests but can also appeal to public understanding of relevant educational issues.

The journal considers submissions of research findings and practice reflections across a wide range of educational content related to theory, pedagogy, educational systems, curriculum design, policy changes, ethics, and methodology. The journal promotes the ethos of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We are also keen to encourage early career researchers (ECRs), post-doctoral researchers and doctoral candidates working in education and education related subject matter with smaller to mid-sized data sets to consider our platform as a place for publication consideration. We are open-minded to accepting a wide range of perspectives on educational development and practices across the globe, and strongly encourage submissions from individuals who are from minority ethnic backgrounds and/or who work with underserved communities or educational systems. We are open to research using mixed methods and quantitative and qualitative approaches. This journal is for the global audience of researchers at different stages of their career who are passionate about innovative and creative approaches to educational topics, and those aiming to build their scholarly network of like-minded researchers in and around their field to help foster further collaborative work within the domain of education.

Is this journal right for you?
The following suggestions are given to help authors consider if their topic/area of research is an appropriate match for publication consideration, though submissions need not be limited to only these guidelines:
1. Educational systems or policies that are of global and/or comparative design focusing on functions, efficiencies, or challenges.
2. Interdisciplinary approaches to educational research that can be applied to practices related to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).
3. Mixed methodological design and analysis that might be related to using both simple and more sophisticated approaches to building evidence or datasets.
4. New and emerging challenges of using technology in educational contexts for example digital technologies in learning and teaching, generative AI, and online learning.
5. Educational practices related to black and minority ethnic (BME) groups and from underserved communities or countries.